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Everyone who visits Crete can attest to the tremendous beauty of the island. While there are several areas where you can enjoy that beauty, few compare to what Balos Lagoon offers.

Once graced by Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Balos Lagoon is known for its stunning exotic scenery, wild natural beauty, and breathtaking turquoise waters. Here’s everything you need to know about this travel destination gem.

Welcome To Balos Lagoon

There is a reason why Balos Lagoon is one of the most photographed and most popular areas in Crete. Balos Lagoon is roughly 17 kilometers northwest of Kissamos and 56 kilometers northwest of Chania. It is below the Platiskinos range, between Cape Tigani and Cape Gramvousa.

The lagoon has turquoise, vivid blue, and exotic white waters. The sand in some places has a dazzling pinkish color because of the millions of crushed shells. There are warm and very shallow waters close to the lagoon that are perfect for young children to play and splash around all day.

As you go further into the sea, beyond the rocks that form the natural boundaries, the water is colder and deeper, ideal for snorkeling.

The Natura 2000 program protects Balos Lagoon because of the rare flora and fauna species. Around 400 plant species have been registered in the area. Twenty-five of these species are indigenous to Crete, with three of them only found in Balos.

The lagoon accommodates a large number of birds that migrate, feed, and breed here. You will find Eleonora falcons, cormorants, and shags nesting in surrounding caves. The area also acts as a shelter for the protected loggerhead or Caretta-Caretta sea turtle and monk seal.

Balos Lagoon’s popularity means that the area does tend to attract large crowds, especially in July and August. Despite this, the place is still worth visiting. Consider arriving at Balos in the morning to enjoy the remoteness of this fantastic place.

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A visit to Crete would not be complete without stopping by the stunning Balos Lagoon. If you are looking for a getaway that can offer you rich history, a stunning beach and scenery, and breathtaking nature, then sign up for a tour to Balos Lagoon, Crete, and give in to the charms of what this Cretan fantasy beach offers.

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